Billy Ray And Tom Cruise Begin Relationship

LOS ANGELES ( – Billy Ray’s career is picking up steam. “Shattered Glass” marks his directorial debut this month under the guidance of Cruise-Wagner Productions, the brainchild of Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner.

His next project will star Cruise himself. The untitled project is a biopic about eccentric artist Jon Sarkin.

Cruise acquired the rights to Sarkin’s story in 1997 after he read a story about the former chiropractor in GQ magazine.

Sarkin was stricken with an aneurysm that put him in a coma for two months. The stroke left him disabled and partially deaf. But it also scrambled his brain in such a manner that a creativity was unlocked, enabling him to become a successful, quirky artist.

And one of the residual side effects: Sarkin is unable to control what he says.

As for their work relationship on “Shattered Glass,” Ray tells Zap2it, “Although we weren’t on the same continent, they (Cruise and Wagner) saw all the dailies and gave me copious notes.”

“Shattered Glass,” which stars Hayden Christensen and Peter Sarsgaard, is also based on a real-life character. Stephen Glass was once an editor at The New Republic who fabricated at least 27 articles in his tenure.

“I’d be happy if a journalist could do something really bad before the opening,” laughs Ray.

“Shattered” opens in New York and Los Angeles this Friday (Oct. 31) and selected cities on Nov. 7.

Cruise can be seen in “The Last Samurai” in December.