Cruise Could Play Stroke Victim

Harrison Ford got shot in the head and turned from a nasty attorney into a kind and generous human being in Regarding Henry. John Travolta got zapped in the head by a white light and turned from a dolt to a genius in Phenomenon. So why can’t Tom Cruise suffer a massive stroke and go from a conventional suburban chiropractor to an eccentric artist?
His Cruise-Wagner productions has acquired the rights to the story of Jonathan Sarkin, the chiropractor stricken on the golf course with an aneurysm that sent him into a coma for two months. The stroke left him disabled and partially deaf. But it also reordered his brain, unlocking a creativity that enabled him to become a successful, if somewhat bizarre artist. One of his quirks: He can’t censor what he says. Cruise spotted Sarkin’s story in the January issue of GQ magazine.
The actor may star in the film, after he finishes Eyes Wide Shut for Stanley Kubrick and A Five Year Plan, a story about yacht thieves.