Sight And Sound

Elisabeth Morse, ART News

For John Sarkin, a Massachusetts-based chiropractor, a medical mishap became fodder for creativity — and a second career as an artist. The muse came, indirectly, from tinnitus or ringing in the ear. Sarkin’s 1989 surgery for the condition resulted in a stroke and the removal of part of his cerebellum. When he recovered, he found that his eyesight and judgment had been affected. He began painting, convinced that his medical traumas had heightened his perception of color.

After GQ magazine published an article about Sarkin, actor Tom Cruise bought the rights to the story. The script is now in the early stages of development, and although Sarkin says he is flattered at the prospect of being played by Cruise, he has mixed feelings about he project: “Let’s say that someone portrayed the worst thing that ever happened to you. Wouldn’t it be a bittersweet excitement, going through all the bad parts again?