Gloucester’s Sarkin Hosts First Art Show On Rocky Neck

Gloucester Daily Times

Gloucester artist, Jon Sarkin, will present new and past works at the SHRINE Gallery on Rocky Neck. With the help of the Madfish Grille, this will be Sarkin’s first show at the historic Rocky Neck Art Colony, and his first exclusive show ever on Cape Ann.

Presenters Dan King and Sieglinde Levery-Nicholas, are thrilled to bring Sarkin, who is known mostly for his “outsider” or “raw” art, to the legendary art colony. The new work consists of both portraits and abstracts, and are a significant departure from his earlier work.

The pieces, all mixed media on canvas or wood, were specifically selected by King and Sarkin to show this development.

“Jon takes risks I only wish I could take with art. I love the way he pays homage to his influences by including them, even writing their names on the pieces, says Levery-Nicholas. “He’s not being sly and taking ideas and claiming them as his own at all. He’s creating something vivid and important.”

Sarkin, coming off an extremely successful art show in New Jersey last spring that produced a near sell-out, has garnered attention from ABC television and the BBC, and was featured on NPR’s “This American Life” earlier this year.

In the last 2 years Jon has shown work at the Decordova museum’s exclusive Earl McGrath Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Novas Centre in Liverpool, England. His work can be found in the collections of Graydon Carter (editor, Vanity Fair), Annie Leibovitz (photographer), Paula Wagner (United Artists films), and Ira Glass (This American Life, NPR).

“We were very conscious of Rocky Neck’s ‘in-the-rough’ vibe. We chose pieces we thought would fit the space and that would be affordable as well,” says King. “We’re well aware that Jon has had museum shows and sold pieces to celebrities and major players for thousands of dollars, but this is where we live, so the price range is mostly $250 to $600 with only one piece at $950.”

Included in the show is a wooden piece that was featured on the front page of the Boston Globe Sunday.

The show runs through Oct. 15. and SHRINE Gallery is open by chance or by appointment. For more information call 978-282-0334.