Guster/Sarkin perform at Pingry

Guster Dazzles with Virtuosity and Versatility
Posted 04/04/2012 03:10PM

There was a piano. There was a gong. There was an organ. There was a trumpet. Not to mention guitars, an electric guitar, a harmonica, drums, percussion, a violinist, and a cellist. This was not the typical rock concert—this was Guster, featuring Adam Gardner ’91, Brian Rosenworcel, Ryan Miller, and Luke Reynolds, performing in Pingry’s Hauser Auditorium on March 30 as part of the 150th Anniversary Lecture and Performance Series.

The band performed a number of its songs, including “Do You Love Me?” for which the audience leapt to its feet and clapped along (the audience continued to stand for the encore, when the band donned Pingry T-shirts). Mr. Gardner and his colleagues took requests and shared humorous comments with the audience, including Mr. Gardner’s story about telling Varsity Soccer Head Coach Miller Bugliari ’52 (that day) that “I’m playing music!” after Mr. Bugliari told Mr. Gardner in his junior year to focus on his ball skills to get into college. Another impressive aspect of the concert was the rigorous playing of the violinist and cellist, Charlene and April.

Joining Guster was artist Dr. Jon Sarkin ’71, a frequent collaborator with the group, who spent the concert sketching an image that resembled a large bull’s-eye…a red center surrounded by shades of green, orange, blue, yellow, and purple. The evening’s third Pingry connection was Pulitzer Prize-winning author Amy Ellis Nutt, daughter of David Nutt ’40, who signed copies of her book about Dr. Sarkin, Shadows Bright as Glass.

Incidentally, the name “Guster” is a fabrication: the band members met at Tufts University and initially called themselves “Gus.” To distinguish themselves from other “Gus” bands that had already signed with major labels, they later added “ter.”

Look for further coverage of Guster’s concert in an upcoming issue of The Pingry Review.

Top photo: Guster, with Adam Gardner ’91 third from left.
Middle photo: Guster performing its encore.
Bottom photo: Dr. Jon Sarkin ’71 sketching artwork during the concert.