PEAC Health & Fitness hosts Artist, Jon Sarkin

April 9th, 2011

Works from the New Jersey-born “Accidental Artist,” Jon Sarkin to be featured at PEAC Health & Fitness and presented by the Traylor-Post Gallery:

Ewing, NJ—Jon Sarkin is an artist savant, or as others know him, a medical mystery. According to Ruthann Traylor and Michelle Post, founders of Traylor-Post Gallery, “We see him as an incredibly talented visionary artist whose work we are delighted to present at PEAC Health & Fitness March 27 – April 30, 2011.”

A former chiropractor, Sarkin’s transformation to artist occurred in 1988 when he suffered a sudden brain hemorrhage and stroke that changed his life in an instant. Emerging from his near death experience, Sarkin was changed in an inexplicable fashion. He awoke a different man both in body and spirit. He was deaf in one ear, his vision splintered and his balance skewed. Most interestingly, he was overtaken with an effusive unfocused desire to create art. Neurologists told him his brain had changed. It had been wounded and medically probed with parts removed. The neurons that were left, had been forced to make new connections, and find new meaning.

Eighteen months after his stroke, it became increasingly difficult for Sarkin to maintain the semblance of his former life. He tried to go back to his practice, but no longer had adequate coordination. His focus was skewed as his mind continually wandered, developing a preference to draw instead of seeing patients. Sarkin became obsessed with drawing. He describes himself as a neurological oddity. “I’m unable to see the world as a whole and unable to ignore it in its infinite detail. My brain tries to make sense of the world. Through colors, images and words, I try to make sense of the way I see things.” When it comes to his art, Sarkin says he cannot stop, nor does he want to stop. In fact, he is afraid to stop. He is an accidental artist, who needs to draw, to put it all down on paper. This is his engine––his purpose for living.

Sarkin’s experiences and accomplishments have been documented on ABC’s Medical Mysteries, the Discovery Science Channel Documentary “Tormented by Genius,” and the American Visionary Art Museum. A book about the life of Jon Sarkin is scheduled to be released April 5, 2011 by Pulitzer Prize nominee finalist Amy Nutt, and Tom Cruise has acquired the rights to his life story to develop a movie. His art has been featured in New Yorker Magazine, Vanity Fair and other notable media. Sarkin created the album art for Guster’s latest album, Easy Wonderful, and he also created art for the music video/single “Do You Love Me.”

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the art world to see the genius of Jon Sarkin in a local setting,” says Michael Briehler, President of PEAC. “We are fortunate to be teaming up with Traylor-Post Gallery to coordinate this spectacular event.” PEAC is a premier fitness center in central New Jersey who continually displays artwork from many area artists throughout the facility.

The exhibit will feature select drawings and paintings. A reception will be held on Saturday April 9th from 5-7pm, with Jon Sarkin. The art show is open to the public at PEAC, which is located at 1440 Lower Ferry Road in Ewing. Attendance for the opening will be limited and reservations required. For more information visit: or email at: or phone: 201-400-1324. The exhibit at PEAC opens March 27th and runs through April 30th.

Learn more about Jon Sarkin by visiting:

To view Jon Sarkin’s bio please click here.

Jon Sarkin was commissioned to do a mural for the Mullen Advertising headquarters in Boston. He completed this project, which measures 4′ x 27′ on-site from June 8th through June 17th, 2009.



Pictured: Photo of Jon Sarkin

Pictured: 2 of Jon Sarkin’s art pieces: “Head West Copy” & “Twelve Eyes” 


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