Jim went to see the band *X* at some place in New Jersey with his friend Calvin.  It was sold out. Jim pleaded with the bouncer but it didn’t help.  They were bummed.  They drove all the way to hear them and they couldn’t . It was raining and there was this car that was stuck in the mud at the parking lot and the guy asked them to push him out so they did, but when he spun his wheels they got covered with mud.

About ten years later Calvin died.  That spring they took his ashes to a beach near where he had a house and dumped the ashes in the water.  There were little pieces of bone in his ashes.  Everybody took turns dumping the ashes.  By the time it was Jim’s turn, there were no ashes left, so Jim dumped it anyway and a little dust came out. Then they all went back to the house and drank Rolling Rock and listened to music and told Calvin stories. Telling stories about the dead guy is pretty much the routine.