Jim and Cold Sweat, cos that’s what everybody in Alphabetville calls him cos every time that James Brown song Cold Sweat comes on, he goes absolutely apeshit. One time I was at a party down on Avenue C, and that song comes on and Cold Sweat, man, he got like a whirling top on fire. He starting getting crazy, breaking shit and shit, and whose party it was called the cops and they haul Cold Sweat down to Bellvue – that’s the big looney bin the got there in New York – pump his ass fulla thorazine and he’s drooling and mumbling “I break out in a cold sweat!” over and over and all, in restraining straps and shit. Shit. I wonder what he’s doing now. Jim said he moved to the Midwest, back home, to Iowa or some shit. Alphabetville ain’t the same without Cod Sweat. Shit, I miss him powerful.