Jim dreamt there were brooktrout in the stream in the mountains.  You could see them in the greenblueripples where the brownedges of their fins feathered.  The moss on the rockedges of the river was the same color as the water.  The fish were like polishedamber;  muscularandevanescent. On their backs were maps of the fourcorners: UtahNewMexicoColoradoArizona.  Maps, and also diagrams showing the mazes in the pueblos left by him which could not be put back, not be made right again.

Once Jim was in the town of Aztec, New Mexico where they have these amazing ruins left by Indians in the year 500 or there-abouts.  They are called the Anasazi people.  The reason the towns called Aztec is that the first white people that saw these ruins were so impressed that they thought that there was no way American Indians could build such magnificent structures, so it must’ve been a northern outpost of the Aztec civilization.