Dear Lou,

I was in a fish restaurant minding my own business….well, as well as I can these days, which isn’t really that good, and this morbidly obese couple sat in the booth next to me with that sheepish look that fat people always seem to have when they eat in public. But why should they feel guilty? Fat people get hungry too. OK, they might have an eating disorder, but they should be able to eat and be proud of it. But I’m always nosy about what they order; very judgmental when they get a huge platter of fried fish as opposed to a salad or something. A guy I had lunch with, a tremendous guy, ordered two double cheeseburgers with bacon and a diet coke. This is a true story. He had never been to this place before. When the waitress came over to ask how everything was, he said, “Perfect combination of fatty meat and grease. I am definitely coming back here.” I kid you not. Whenever I see fat people in a restaurant I think of this guy. About a year later, he committed suicide. Went to a wooded park near where we live and hung himself. A hiker found Mike the next day. No more cheeseburgers for him.