Dear Lou,

Another rainy night here in Edge City. I’m not making this up; I really *am* in Edge City, California, on the coast about ten miles or so from the Oregon border. All it ever seems to do up here is rain. I ain’t seen the sun since I don’t know when. I stole that from Johnny Cash. Why not steal from the best? Remember that time in high school when we stole your Uncle Monty’s Mercedes? “If you’re gonna steal a car,” you said, “why not steal the best?” As you can see, Lou, I’ve taken this advice to heart, lodged it permanently in that part of the cortex that we reserve for IMPORTANT LESSONS. But what good are they in this day and age, where attention is measured in nanoseconds and *American Idol *is the coin of the realm? Hell, nine out of ten Americans think that New York is in China! * * * *Truly, Jim* *