F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote that “there is no confusion like the

confusion of a simple mind,” and although he didn’t know him,

this observation would characterize Jim quite exquisitely. I have been

witness to Jim’s confusion a number of times and I’ve seen the

electric buzz-saw look of unmitigated and confused fear etched in his

eyes when his challenged mind proved totally incapable of calculating a

course to take – *any *course, even the wrong one.

Yes, dear reader – trusted friend – this confusion paralyzed

Jim into doing nothing, and inaction, as any village fool can tell you,

results in thinking about your lousy predicament even more, which only

results, if your mind is as feeble as Jim’s, in further confusion and

inaction – a feedback that might result in a blown fuse, halting the whole

mess, but Jim’s mind – or yours – isn’t equipped like that.