juggernaut sand in the corner china, as it is china, as it was…. i think of you i dream of you owl eyes, night-shade eyes, sleepy eyes then the sun comes up, dough-ey, like a banana custard sphere glinting glimly as i wash the dawn from this haggard corner peaking like achilles tumbling down the granite sky avenged assuaged a manhattan project in new jersey this kentucky grilling of make-believe conversation half-twiddled, before the ravine flood rivulet ravine flood suspense bridge like a dried-in enclave the third wall, the animation, the horror, the beckoning umma-gumma in the rain money as metaphor dirt in dust bowling green in flames caligula ecstasy comic ardor treating poor hamlet like a lemon moon grounded in logic, enshrouded in truth biblically landlocked memories of whistling clouds you listen, unheard you wander, beak-less someone’s stolen your name i ask the snow you shout it off this level hilarity topped off as we wonder about her the satin of bedrock cleaving pages from a journal encoded exasperation, murmuring distractedly so i turn the knife you read and re-read and re-re-read rock-less adventures multiplied consistently parsed mumblings you stand like ghandi very very very the very very proceed like a flower i see the point very very very